• Adaptation to climate change effects has become an emerging market segment. Lovins, 252
  • Villages and roads that used to be on the (melting) permafrost will need rebuilding/relocating. Floods are coming and we need sea-wall design and implementation (esp. for storm surges), inland areas need efficient space use for coastal climate refugees to occupy, power lines will need to be more resistant to extreme climates esp. ice. Alaska is figuring out how to relocate villages from flooding. California needs to get better at firefighting and desalination because heat and drought are only getting worse. Also need bridges higher than before for storm surges. Heat waves get dangerous, we need early warning systems for these (e.g. senior centers) Begley


  • Cities (New York, Seattle) and states (California, Alaska, Maryland, Oregon, Washington) have adaptation plans Begley //TODO: read these


  • Some worry that focus on adaptation will create financial incentives for climate change acceleration. Others argue that we will need adaptation services/technologies regardless of how fast we curb emissions, so we should start now.

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