Questions/blog post ideas

  • How are utility companies incentivized/disincentivized re energy use reductions?
  • Pros/cons: nuclear power
  • How much would oil have to cost for X alternative biofuel to make sense - esp waste products like polystyrene, coffee grounds, human fat etc
  • How to create sustainable reasonably priced alternative to personal car ownership for disabled? Electric Uber with self driving much cheaper?
  • What industries use diesel/wouldn't need retrofit to switch to biofuel?
  • Consumption of diesel vs production of biofuel over time
  • How exactly does the carbon cycle work and how can we manipulate it
  • What is the carbon "exchange rate" of not driving cars vs. planting trees vs. etc.? Planting 8777 trees = taking 9.33 cars off the road = 111940 roads removed Lovins, 71
  • What $ savings/investments can be made for various energy efficiency improvements?
  • How does ethanol vs. oil-based fuel work?
  • Original car inventors envisioned ethanol as the primary fuel for the vehicle. Why did we make the switch? - higher energy density in oil, but there is probably an interesting geopolitical/free markets story to tell here
  • Blockadia phrased as a war, with death/injury counts of protestors and police (and secondary/tertiary impacts from projects that go through)
  • SequoiaView for utilities usage - ability to drill down to see who is using how much of what in a community/city/etc
  • How to eat to minimize carbon footprint - partially resolved, see Berners-Lee and my post on it
  • How power is lost in the grid system and ideas to combat this
  • Create accurate public perception surrounding the social and planetary costs of nuclear energy. Waste disposal and other issues are not all worked out, ethically – but where do these impacts stand in relation to coal and oil in terms of human and environmental degradation per watt?

[aggarwal]: "Aggarwal, Sonia and Harvey, Hal. 'Rethinking Energy Policy to Deliver a Clean Energy Future.' Energy Innovation, 2013."

[trabish-dynamic]: "Trabish, Herman. 'Beyond ToU: Is more dynamic pricing the future of rate design?' Utility Dive, 2017."

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