Electric grid

  • Smart Electric Power Alliance a non-profit to help stakeholders use smart devices to optimize energy usage
  • Mission:data an advocate for consumer- and machine-friendly energy data access policies (Seattle)

Major energy companies

  • DONG Energy: Denmark's largest energy company, which invests heavily in renewables. A leader in Europe's energy scene. Market leader in offshore wind, has built ~half of current operating offshore wind farms
  • Masdar: Abu Dhabi's renewable energy company, committed to renewable energy for the UAE
  • E.ON: a UK-based investor-owned energy company working in renewable energy, particularly wind

Cleaner emissions & energy efficiency

  • ATDynamics: owned by STEMCO. Aerodynamic long-haul trucks intended for greater energy efficiency. Lovins, 138
  • California ISO: a company in Folsom, CA which orchestrates the power grid to match production to consumption Victor
  • Natural Capitalism Solutions: consultancy in Colorado which works with companies to help them save money by reducing emissions Lovins
  • Skyonic: company in Austin which uses waste heat to clean CO2 from emissions Atwood
  • Light Sail: company in Berkeley working on CAES batteries from exhaust heat
  • ESS: company south of Portland (Oregon) making flow batteries
  • Panoramic Power: company in NYC which makes a clip-on device which reads power usage from a cord, then gives analytics and suggestions through software. Aimed at industrial/enterprise use cases
  • STEM: company in Millbrae aimed at getting commercial buildings cheaper power by combining battery banks and machine learning to draw power from the grid only at off-peak times

Direct carbon capture

  • CO2 Solutions: company in Quebec which makes carbon capture enzymes Atwood
  • Codexis: company in Redwood City which makes biocatalysts including for carbon capture Atwood


Alternative energy generation

  • All Power Labs: company in Berkeley which makes biomass gasifier generators (carbon negative energy generation). They have an open house every month. Atwood
  • Arcadia Energy clean energy supplier servicing all 50 states
  • Desertec: a German GMbH aimed at placing renewable energy harvesting in deserts (otherwise "useless" land)
  • Ethical Electric: clean energy supplier based in Georgetown (DC area) servicing the Eastern seaboard
  • Evervest: a company in Boston which uses software modeling to identify the best sites for solar and wind installations Victor >> Update: acquired by Ultracapital
  • Lucid Energy Technologies: a company that makes a turbine that goes in water pipes to replace water reducers, reclaiming some of the pumping energy Lovins, 79
  • TerraPower: a company in Bellevue committed to sustainability generating energy with a traveling wave reactor
  • Magenn: company selling consumer alternative energy (mostly solar) products


  • Altaeros: a company in Somerville which flies a wind turbine on a blimp for power production, reducing materials cost per watt Victor
  • Makani: a part of Google X which builds kites with turbines for wind power production, reducing materials cost per watt Victor
  • SkyWindPower Corporation: Company in Oroville, California (north of Sacramento) working on a tethered high-altitude wind power solution to capture high-altitude winds


  • eSolar: a company backed by which uses mirrors to focus solar heat on a boiler, driving a turbine for grid power Lovins, 67
  • Sunfolding: a company in San Francisco which makes pneumatically actuated tracking solar panels (the pneumatic design uses recycled materials and is cheaper than traditional mechanicals) Victor


  • Aquamarine Power (shutdown): a company in Scotland building wave power (notably the Oyster) Lovins, 78
  • Pelamis Wave Power (shutdown): a company in Edinburgh, Scotland leading wave power development Lovins, 77
  • Wavepower: a company in England developing wave power technologies

Alternative energy sales

  • Arcadia Power: a company that sells Renewable Energy Credits as a way to let consumers purchase 100% renewables without paying the high upfront capital requirements of rooftop solar
  • Ethical Electric: a company that buys renewable energy for consumers to let them feel like they are using only renewable energy

Carbon capturing usable materials

  • Calera: company in Los Gatos which which makes carbon-sequestering cement based on the same process used when coral reefs are formed Atwood, Lovins, 285
  • Carbon Cure: company in Nova Scotia which makes CO2-trapping concrete Atwood
  • Mantra: Company in BC which makes usable products out of CO2 in waste streams Atwood
  • Carbon Engineering: company in Calgary capturing CO2 from the air to turn into fuel Atwood
  • LanzaTech: a global company turning captured CO2 emissions (and other gases) into fuel
  • Joule Unlimited: a Massachussetts-based company turning captured CO2 emissions into fuel
  • Synthetic Genomics: a California-based company using engineered genomes to generate alternative fuels

Geoengineering and patenting

Algae/bioprocesses as alternatives to fossil fuel consumption


  • IAFN: organization in Costa Rica dedicated to plant restoration through rural economic enfranchisement Atwood
  • Permian Global: investment firm headquartered in London for forest restoration. They work in environmental sciences, forest conservation, project management, and carbon markets Atwood
  • International Finance Corporation (IFC): investment and resource mobilization to help the private sector work in developing countries.

Alternative living

  • One Block off the Grid (1BOG): Solar company which gets a neighborhood to contribute together to initial solar installation to reduce up-front cost for individuals
  • Solvatten: company in Sweden making a combined solar water treatment/heating system for places with scarce, contaminated water Lovins, 263


  • Toshiba: Japanese company builds the 4S - a tiny (10MW), passively safe nuclear reactor
  • Gen4 Energy: an American company building 25MW, quick-deploy mini nuclear-reactor
  • BWXT: an American company building small, modular nuclear reactors

Energy Storage

  • EOS Energy Systems: a company based in New York building grid-scale energy storage batteries
  • Younicos: an energy storage company based in Austin and Berlin working to stabilize the grid to let renewables take over energy production

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[trabish-dynamic]: "Trabish, Herman. 'Beyond ToU: Is more dynamic pricing the future of rate design?' Utility Dive, 2017."

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