• Alley, Richard: glaciologist at Penn state analyzing Greenland ice cores Pearce, xv
  • Anderson, Kevin: a top climate expert in Britain arguing that current growth-based economic logic actively works creates climate change Klein, 80
  • Caldeira, Ken: Climate modeler and atmospheric scientist at Stanford. Coined the term "ocean acidification" Goodell, 10, Kolbert, 131
  • Coates, Geoff: scientist at Cornell working on using CO2 with catalysts to make polycarbonates (cheap, biodegradable plastic) Lovins, 285
  • Crutzen, Paul: a Dutch chemist involved in discovering the effects of ozone-depleting compounds Kolbert, 107
  • Jackson, Wes: in Salina, Kansas, runs a living laboratory for agro-ecological farming methods Klein, 394
  • Langdon, Chris: a marine biologist who learned from the tanks of Biosphere 2 that ocean acidification kills coral Kolbert, 135-136
  • Lovejoy, Tom: rainforest researcher. A driving force behind the fact that ~half of the Amazon rainforest is now under some form of legal protection Kolbert, 188
  • Lovelock, James: British scientist who created a device to measure CFCs and came up with the concept of Gaia


  • Keith, David: Building a CO2 capturing machine at the University of Calgary Goodell, 22
  • Salter, Stephen: working on cloud brightening machines Goodell, 165
  • Teller, Edward: Cold War scientist who built hydrogen bombs
  • Wood, Lowell: Worked at Livermore National Lab, weaponry for the Pentagon, and fringe science Goodell, 112


  • Bauman, Yoram: Reedie working towards carbon taxing in Washington state Sutter
  • Sandor, Richard: the "father of carbon markets" and founder of the CCX Lovins, 229


  • Klein, Naomi: Canadian author seeking political and grassroots change agains free trade and current capitalistic systems Klein
  • Shiva, Vandana: agro-ecological activist and Indian author Klein, 256

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