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Cleaner industrial processes

  • Capturing carbon at its source is a good idea, but companies are not incentivized to capture and sequester their emissions. “CCS” (carbon capture and sequestration) involves sorting CO2 out of exhaust at its source, transporting the CO2 (typically, in compressed form through pipelines) and injecting it into underground structures Smil, 89


  • In a 1995 survey published in the MIT Press, a substantial majority justified environmental protection by explicitly invoking God's name as creator. From the article, "It seems that divine creation is the closest concept American culture provides to express the sacredness of nature. Regardless of whether one actually believes in biblical Creation, it is the best vehicle we have to express this value." Louv, 248
  • China's Grain to Green program (started 2000) gives subsidies to farmers who convert farmland to forest or grassland Diamond, 377
  • Microgrids further reading:

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