What is the "Entities" section?

People and organizations which are working in this space. Particularly aimed towards getting involved and working in this space.


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Standards and organizations

  • Beyond Zero Emissions: non-profit think-tank dedicated to carbon negativity in Australia Klein, 93
  • Carbon War Room: international NGO founded by Richard Branson working toward market-based solutions to carbon emissions (capitalistic/entrepreneurial solutions)
  • EcoEquity: an activist thinktank based on equity reference frameworks
  • Energy Star: international energy standard for energy efficient consumer products, originating in the United States
  • ICTA: International Center for Technology Assessment examines impacts (cultural, societal, environmental, etc.) of technology
  • IPCC: Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (a UN organization)
  • LEED: Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design: a nationally accepted organization for design, operation and construction of high performance green buildings (United States)
  • One Million Climate Jobs: campaign by trade unionists to create more jobs by moving to more climate-sustainable practices
  • Stockholm Environment Institute: international non-profit research organization working on policy change for the environment, including the Greenhouse Development Rights framework, an equity reference framework Klein, 375
  • London Array: wind-focused consortium of renewable energy companies: DONG, E.ON, Masdar, and La Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec (Caisse

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[trabish-dynamic]: https://www.utilitydive.com/news/beyond-tou-is-more-dynamic-pricing-the-future-of-rate-design/447171/ "Trabish, Herman. 'Beyond ToU: Is more dynamic pricing the future of rate design?' Utility Dive, 2017."

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