Research locations

  • Ny-Alesund: a scientific community in Norway which serves as a watchtower for climate change in glaciers Pearce, 28

Sustainable communities

  • Sustainable cities in Europe
  • Bayview Quarry Village: planned sustainable development community in the Hayward area of the East Bay (CA)
  • Beddington Zero Energy Development: an environmentally friendly housing development in Hackbridge, London, esp. anti-car Lovins, 112
  • Dardesheim in Germany uses 100% renewable through a land-leasing wind program Lovins, 64-65
  • Dongtan Eco-City: a planned eco-city on a Chinese island, originally scheduled to open in 2010 but as of 2016 not yet begun. Intended to be zero-emission and totally self-supporting
  • Drachten
  • Masdar City: a planned eco-city in Abu Dhabi, intended as a cleantech research and technology hub. Partially built.
  • Red Hook Community Farm: a well-run community farm in New York City Klein, 364
  • Vauban, Freiberg, Germany: sustainable neighborhood, no cars
  • Village Homes in Davis, CA: first fully solar-powered housing development in America Louv, 213

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[trabish-dynamic]: "Trabish, Herman. 'Beyond ToU: Is more dynamic pricing the future of rate design?' Utility Dive, 2017."

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