Tutorials for modern cartography

These tutorials introduce the basics of map creation using free software, internet-available resources, and fieldwork using smartphones for georeferencing.

Target software is Open Orienteering Mapper; other key tools include Runkeeper, Open Street Map, and GPS Essentials.

Get started:

Go to the Gitbook version of this page (if you're not already there– the URL should start with frijol.gitbooks.io).

Select a lesson from the left sidebar menu, or press the right arrow on your keyboard to begin with the first lesson.

Tutorials are ideally completed in order, but it should still work to skip around and/or to do only the top-level content– e.g. [0. Map Your Face] and then immediately [1. Mapping Trails with Runkeeper] (skipping steps 0.5 and 0.9).

Give feedback:

Like what you see? Have suggestions for improvements or new lessons? Make a new issue on the Issues tab of this book's Github page to let me know!

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